Living in Russia

This constantly updated section of the website contains tips and tricks on how to make 
student's life in Russia comfortable and rewarding.


Like in any other country university dormitories, private hostels, and rented appartments are the most popular accomodation options for students. Fees within each type of accomodation may differ significantly even in one city depending on location, available facilities, and comfort.

Please contact our Student Support service for more details and available options.


Russia is a multi-national country where people have huge experience of intercultural communications. However international students should stick to basic rules of behavioural safety which will make their experience really enjoyable.

Our Student Support service provides 24/7 pastoral support.

Please contact our Student Support service for more details.


Public trasportation services are very well developed in Russia especially in big cities. In most cases, using metro (subway) or bus is far more comfortable and predictable than a taxi or a private car. Students make use of substantial discounts for transportation fares.

For inter-city routes we highly recommend using railway service due to its affordable fares and sheduled running.

Please contact our Student Support service for more details.

Insurance and Medical Issues

In Russia we say: "God helps those who help themselves". From the very first days of staying in Russia we highly recommend you to have your insurance from a local insurance company covering your long-term stay, so called Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI).

The best way to obtain your insurance policy in order to save your time and money is to approach our Student Support service.

Living Costs

Russia provides international students with every opportunity to be flexible on their costs. One can easily find inexpensive supermarkets and canteens with good-quality fresh food as well as chain stores for clothes; make use of student discounts for public transportation, museums, theatre, cinema, and so on; choose the most suitable mobile communication packages (starts from US$4-5 per month). One can even share accomodation for economic reasons.

We advise you to get in touch with our Student Support service in advance in order to discuss your financial plans arising from your requirements and habbits.