Foundation Course in Fine Arts 

in cooperation with Surikov Art Institute

Fine Arts + Russian Language

Get prepared to admission to the World's Top-10 higher education franchise in Fine Arts - Surikov Institute. 

The Moscow State Academic Art Institute, also known as the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow, is a world-famous higher-learning art school. Its history can be traced back to the mid-19th century, when an art class was established here. 


  • Get admission both to Surikov Art Institute and Eurasian Educational Institute;
  • Learn painting, graphic arts, and design from the best teachers of Surikov Art Institute;
  • Get benefits from our very effective teaching methods of Russian language;
  • Study and live at our secure and comfortable campus in the best district of Moscow;
  • Take part in workshops and clinics by Surikov Art Institute;
  • Get prepared to admission to Surikov Art Institute;
  • Get discounts for concurrent studies on undergraduate programs at Eurasian Educational Institute. 


Entry Requirements

Age: 17+ years old
Prerequisites: School certificate; Additional check of painting skills

Commencement Dates and Course Length

September, 1 and October, 1 - 12 months
December, 1 and February, 1 - 18 months

Additional Services

Health insurance
School certificate recognition