EEI Summer Camps 2021

Become a part of our summer camps in 2021 and feel the flavor of Russia. EEI offers well-balanced program that contains educational, cultural, and entertainment components.

Why EEI Summer Camps?

EEI Summer Camps are designed to give comprehensive impression from staying in Moscow during 2 weeks. 

Whether you are looking for opportunities to get degree from a Russian university or consider Russia as a potential destination for your career growth or would like to study Russian language and want to get a kick start -- taking part the EEI Summer Camps is the right move for you.

You will take part in interesting classes, visit best Russian enterprises, enjoy famous art museums, check in at stunning Moscow locations, and take away great memories!

Experienced consultants of EEI will answer all your quetions on pursuing degree in Russia and share their views on career opportunities.



Moscow City Tour

Five hours entertaining guided tour. 

Get an overview of Moscow sightseeings by bus and walk around Moscow city centre. Amaze your friends with new astonishing photos from the Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, and Arbat street.

Try the vibrant atmosphere of the Russian capital!


Gorky Park

A day-long adventure which includes dozens of outdoor activities in the world-famous Moscow park. 

Just renovated, Gorky Park offers dozens of enterainment and amusement options that you will remember forever. Enjoy world-class recreational zones, take part in sports, music, and dance activities, and share emotions with your friends using free Wi-Fi connection covering the Park's territory of 600,000 sq. meters.


Moscow City

The heart of Russian business where largest finance, technology, development, and commerce companies are headquartered.

Join us entertaining company visits to the leading Russian corporations such as Sberbank, Yandex, Gazprom,, Lukoil and dozens more.